Enhanced protection for data traffic.
Insurance companies

The insurance business involves data. And that data must be secure. This is especially true of B2B solutions where several partners are involved via one platform. But eHealth offerings are equally reliant on the secure transfer of sensitive information.

An award-winning example clearly shows the advantages that Airlock offers: day after day, the BrokerGate® platform guarantees secure data transfer among 13 insurers and 3000 brokers – with just one single user login! This quantum leap in user comfort is made possible by Airlock WAF's upstream security functions. A strong authentication solution protects the applications against unauthorized access and attacks. Airlock's reporting functionalities record and archive all interactions with customers. The result: enhanced legal certainty in the Big Data era, and substantially better productivity in customer management.

Selected Solutions

User self-services

According to a study by the Service Desk Institute, over 80% of businesses are already using self-services – for example, to block accounts, reset forgotten passwords or register new customers. This comes as no surprise, because the benefits are crystal clear.

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Legally compliant data storage

User behavior on the internet, in social media and via mobile channels, and knowledge about users' wishes, requirements and preferences add up to a wealth of useful information for companies. In many sectors, companies are obliged to safeguard this information faithfully for legal reasons.

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Maximum security for sensitive data

Our company has been a respected partner for European banks and insurance companies for almost 20 years. You too will benefit from this in-depth expertise when you opt for Airlock. Airlock Suite offers you a unique combination of filtering methods that will meet the most demanding security requirements.

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Single sign-on and identity federation

Is there an easy way to integrate web applications with their own user masters into a web single sign-on infrastructure? Yes – Airlock Suite solves this problem too! Airlock allows employees to access in-company services, for example via the internet or from mobile devices. But that's not all: customers and partners can also enjoy unique access rights without a user account or password, or even via a Facebook account.

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Case Studies

IG B2B for Insurers + Brokers: Destined for success together

The IG B2B association has launched a new era for data transfer between brokers and insurers in Switzerland with its central BrokerGate® platform which makes electronic trading easier. Its software partner, Ergon, ensures maximum security with its Airlock WAF web application firewall in combination with the Airlock IAM authentication server.

With BrokerGate®, a central platform simplifying electronic business communications, the association IG B2B has ushered in a new era in data transfer between brokers and insurers in Switzerland. No less than 13 Swiss insurers and more than 800 brokers have already joined the BrokerGate® identity platform in 2014. As the associations software partner, Ergon ensures maximum security, using the Airlock web application firewall in conjunction with the Airlock IAM authentication platform; these programs monitor all connection requests and prevent unauthorised access.

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Generali Insurance: security solution for broker systems

Generali Insurance was looking for a new security solution for its broker systems that would give external sales partners easy and secure access to internal applications. At the same time they wanted it to be less complex and to have the broker portals and authentication solutions disentangled. Airlock Suite presented a comprehensive yet at the same time flexible solution for these requirements.

In 2012 Generali Schweiz made the decision to replace the web authentication platform. Cost considerations, the com- plexity of the existing solution and the high cost for changes to the existing platform led to this decision. Following a careful look at the necessary investment costs and the amortisation time for a new solution, the following was clear: a change was inevitable. It was soon evident that the Airlock WAF web application firewall in combination with Airlock IAM authentication product fulfilled all requirements: while the existing system was based on five different products from three different manufacturers, Ergon offered an appropriate solution from the one source. This allowed for a disentanglement of the broker portals and authentication solution while making it possible for Generali Insurance partners to easily and securely access internal applications. It also became evident that over 50 % of the operating costs can be saved by using the Ergon products. In a two-week validation phase, Ergon was able to prove that the Airlock Suite solution was the right one for Generali: they managed to meet the main requirements within the specified time period – thus showcasing the advantages of the ergon solution’s modular design. “That reassured us that Ergon was the right partner for us” says Ivan Hafner, project manager and head of security at Generali.

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Visana: a strong partnership delivers maximum security

Visana is one of Switzerland's leading health and accident insurers. The company offers its customers a range of products, including convenient online services with the emphasis being on security.

Security is a crucial factor here – and that's why Visana relies on Airlock Suite to ensure maximum protection against unauthorized access by third parties.

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