The perfect data protection officer has a name: Airlock.
Public authorities

Tax authorities, country-wide energy utilities and national railways – public entities such as these all manage highly sensitive data. That's why data security must be the top priority. IT projects in the public sector are highly visible in every respect – including cost efficiency. It follows that public administrative bodies are best advised to opt for tried-and-tested products and an experienced partner. Welcome to Airlock.

Many reasons lie behind Airlock Suite's success in the public sector: in federal structures, for example, the flexibility of this software ensures that the responsibilities of communes, cantons, federal states and national government complement one another rather than causing obstructions. Airlock is also a convincing choice in terms of integration. With Airlock, electronic proof of identity such as the SuisseID, the new German identity card or the Austrian citizen's card can be integrated into administrative processes with end-to-end support from service providers. The Airlock Suite has proven its flexibility and cost efficiency time and again in the Federal administration and for central IT services – as a central hub for authentication, authorization and auditing, to quote just one example.

Selected Solutions

Single sign-on and identity federation

Is there an easy way to integrate web applications with their own user masters into a web single sign-on infrastructure? Yes – Airlock Suite solves this problem too! Airlock allows employees to access in-company services, for example via the internet or from mobile devices. But that's not all: customers and partners can also enjoy unique access rights without a user account or password, or even via a Facebook account.

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Cost efficiency

Central upstream authentication cuts maintenance costs and makes software architecture less complex − because it reduces the infrastructure elements by as much as 70%. The separation of authentication logic and business logic guarantees greater flexibility – a critical factor, especially when policy changes have to be implemented rapidly.

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User self-services

According to a study by the Service Desk Institute, over 80% of businesses are already using self-services – for example, to block accounts, reset forgotten passwords or register new customers. This comes as no surprise, because the benefits are crystal clear.

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Swiss made

IT security and data protection were hot issues well before Edward Snowden arrived on the scene. That's why growing numbers of customers are opting for European solutions to protect critical infrastructure. They include more than 200 Airlock customers who know that Airlock Suite is exclusively produced in Switzerland – with one hundred percent Swiss quality.

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Case Studies

Hamburg Water: Protection for customer web applications

30,000 Hamburg citizens use the internet to get information about their consumption patterns, meter readings and bills. With just a few clicks, the customers of Germany's largest drinking water supply and wastewater disposal utility can report changes in their bank account information or give notice of relocations via the internet.

This online service has been protected by Airlock since June 2006. And since May 2007, Airlock has also been protecting about 1700 of the corporation's employees who communicate with one another via the Lotus Notes groupware system.

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Gerichte des Kantons Zürich: Effective protection for the extranet

Every day around 1100 employees of the various courts in the Swiss canton of Zürich work with sensitive data. Since summer 2007 they can also access in-house applications from home or on the road.

Critically, the access is completely secure, well protected against unauthorised persons. The software solution which makes this possible is based on FirePass from F5 and the Medusa Authentication Server from Ergon.

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Zentrale Informatik Dienststelle Basel-Stadt - Webapplikationen geniessen besonderen Schutz

Die Zentrale Informatik-Dienststelle Basel-Stadt (ZID) erbringt wichtige Dienstleistungen für sämtliche Ämter und Dienststellen des Kantons. Im Vordergrund stehen die Pflege zentraler Datenbestände und Querschnittapplikationen, der Betrieb des Verwaltungsrechenzentrums sowie Unterhalt und Pflege des kantonalen Kommunikationsnetzes. Ausserdem stellt die ZID ihren Kunden eine Vielzahl webbasierter Anwendungen für die tägliche Arbeit zur Verfügung. Und weil diesbezüglich die Anforderungen an Sicherheit und Verfügbarkeit ausgesprochen hoch sind, hat die ZID zum Schutz solcher Webapplikationen Airlock WAF im Einsatz.

Als Querschnittdienstleister nimmt die ZID vielfältige Aufgaben wahr: so betreibt sie beispielsweise das kantonsweite Datennetzwerk Basel-Stadt (DANEBS) für den Kanton, die Stadt und zwei Gemeinden, einen Telefonieverbund, an dem auch die Universität partizipiert, Mailsysteme und Webdienste oder auch ein Security-Kompetenzzentrum. Ihre Dienstleistungen bietet die ZID primär den über 100 Dienststellen in den sieben Departementen sowie diversen verwaltungsnahen Institutionen an.

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