Healthcare experts: doctors, pharmacists – and Airlock.

The village doctor of yesteryear has now been superseded by the eDoctor and virtual practices on the Word Wide Web. Patients' records are no longer stored in filing cabinets but on servers or in the global Cloud. All this means that data protection is now the key factor in patient protection. Even so, perfect protection is only one side of the story: after all, patient data must be quickly available in an emergency, with the possibility of flexible integration into various IT environments. A diverse set of challenges, but there is one convincing solution for all of them: Airlock.

In terms of data management, Airlock is the beating heart of the healthcare sector. That's because Airlock is the central interface that links many different tasks. On the one hand, data protection in the healthcare sector has to meet strict requirements. But on the other, information has to be available immediately – in an emergency, for instance. Airlock's intelligent authentication solutions and automated user administration add up to a convincing solution that guarantees secure access to the data at any time. Another specific feature of the healthcare sector is the large number of different stakeholders – such as insurance companies, hospitals and patients themselves – who need to access data via a common interface. This situation calls for maximum flexibility, and the solution must also integrate authentication for mobile phones.

Selected Solutions

Maximum security for sensitive data

Our company has been a respected partner for European banks and insurance companies for almost 20 years. You too will benefit from this in-depth expertise when you opt for Airlock. Airlock Suite offers you a unique combination of filtering methods that will meet the most demanding security requirements.

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Airlock is just as flexible as your requirements. That's because Airlock can adapt – to existing environments, new challenges and individual needs. The result: your investment is excellently protected, and you benefit from customized solutions.

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Cost efficiency

Central upstream authentication cuts maintenance costs and makes software architecture less complex, because it reduces the infrastructure elements by as much as 70%. The separation of authentication logic and business logic guarantees greater flexibility – a critical factor, especially when policy changes have to be implemented rapidly.

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Swiss made

IT security and data protection were hot issues well before Edward Snowden arrived on the scene. That's why growing numbers of customers are opting for European solutions to protect critical infrastructure. They include more than 200 Airlock customers who know that Airlock Suite is exclusively produced in Switzerland – with one hundred percent Swiss quality.

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Case studies

Swiss Post: E-Health-Plattform vivates

Swiss Post, the Swiss postal service, doesn’t just deliver letters and packages. It is increasingly reinventing itself as a one-stop service provider, transporting information reliably and sustainably and adding value. From this starting-point, Swiss Post set itself the goal some years ago of developing an e-health system that would allow the various parties involved in the healthcare sector to exchange patient data securely – and to ensure that the integrity of such sensitive information is guaranteed at all times, Swiss Post is turning to Ergon’s Airlock firewall and Medusa platform for its vivates e-health system.

Patients often move between different service providers – they might have a GP who refers them to a specialist, for example, who will then determine that a surgical procedure is required, resulting in an in-patient hospital stay. At the moment, patients often have to cart their information (X-ray images, for example) from one doctor to the next themselves and are routinely subjected to the same questions again and again. A case notes dossier that can be accessed by every attending physician and where examination results can be recorded will ease this process considerably. Patient data is a sensitive business, however; nobody wants the world to be able to look up their medical history. Health data is protected in Europe as a “special category of processing”, which means that the security requirements are even stricter than for banks; access must be granted on an individual basis to each party involved. This authorisation is carried out either by the patient or via the assignment system: anyone uploading documents to the dossier will simultaneously determine who may view the information, and thus implicitly authorise the recipient. The patient retains control of access rights at all times and can decide who may view the documents.

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