The firewall for your web applications.

The Airlock Web Application Firewall offers a unique combination of protective mechanisms for web applications. Whether your objective is PCI DSS compliance, security for online banking or protection for eCommerce: Airlock WAF will upgrade security for your internet applications – a permanent solution with a host of well thought-out functionalities.

Thanks to Airlock WAF, businesses can exploit the potential of the internet without jeopardizing the security and availability of their web applications and services. Each access is systematically monitored and filtered at every level. Used in conjunction with an authentication solution such as Airlock Login or IAM, Airlock WAF can force upstream user authentication and authorization. This allows a uniform, central single sign-on infrastructure. All important information is also made available via monitoring and reporting functions. Airlock WAF is the only web application security solution on the market that provides superlative end-to-end protection for complex web environments.


Airlock WAF - The main features

Airlock WAF Administration

Airlock WAF Administration

Secure Reverse Proxy
  • TCP/IP and SSL termination
  • Virtualization of applications
  • Central policy enforcement point
Central Checkpoint
  • Upstream Authentication
  • Upstream Authorization
  • No anonymous interactions with applications possible
  • Multi-level filtering
  • ICAP content filtering
  • Content rewriter (Raw, HTML)
  • SOAP/XML, AMF and JSON filters
  • Client fingerprinting
API Security
Dynamic Whitelisting
  • URL encryption
  • Smart form protection
  • Cookie protection with central cookie store
  • Advanced Declarative Application Security (ADAPS)
Central Security Hub
High Availability and Performance
  • Only authorized traffic on applications
  • Load-balancing for applications
  • Failover for applications

Announcement of Airlock WAF 7.1

"Information security is seen as an inhibitor to DevOps agility!" IT security as a roadblock - that was the disillusioning conclusion at Gartner's Security Symposium in 2017. But that's not necessarily true! Read all about the new features in the release.

Airlock WAF is also available as a hardware appliance!

With the Airlock WAF hardware appliance, setup and going live will be even easier than today. Of course, hardware appliances can be connected to build a failover cluster with active session synchronization.

Airlock hardware appliance

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