Virtual patching

Secure now, fix later – that's virtual patching in a nutshell. Airlock WAF's reverse proxy approach makes it very easy for you to virtualize servers and services. Virtual import of patches is also possible. The benefit: security-relevant weaknesses are quickly remedied.

Heartbleed, Bash Bug, Poodle – recent years have seen an upsurge in security breaches that have hit many backend systems. Airlock's security team actively monitors these developments so that we can promptly provide hotfixes to protect the backend systems downstream of Airlock or to prevent exploitation of weak points with the help of instructions and information on filter settings.


  • Secure reverse proxy
  • Virtual patching: secure now, fix later
    • Multi-level filtering
    • Dynamic whitelist filtering
  • Examples of actual cases: solutions for Poodle, Bash Bug, and Heartbleed were available within 24 hours