Security for Microsoft Applications

The productivity of virtual teams and mobile employees depends on how effectively they are supported by IT as they work together over the internet.

Microsoft Exchange Server, the Microsoft SharePoint family, the Lync unified communication solution and the ActiveSync protocol are the cornerstones of groupware and collaboration environments. ActiveSync is increasingly evolving into a standard that is applied beyond the Microsoft world. This is generating a demand for interfaces that can guarantee high accessibility as well as optimal security and flexibility, with low operating costs. Airlock is the answer.

A particular challenge is often posed by mobile synchronization of appointments, contacts and tasks between Microsoft Exchange Server and mobile clients. A large volume of critical data is stored in Exchange and SharePoint, so these resources cannot be made available via the internet without protection. Direct connections from the internet to the servers present too much of a risk. This problem also arises in connection with other applications, prompting many businesses to impose a general ban on internet connections to internal servers that store sensitive data.

Airlock provides a secure way of integrating Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and other servers into the network. Enhanced security with strong upstream authentication and protocol filtering go hand- in-hand with a comfortable user experience and excellent support for mobile processes. In short: Airlock combines the best of both worlds in one tool that is flexible, efficient and reliable.


  • Support for MS Exchange
    • Outlook Web Access
    • Outlook Anywhere
    • SharePoint
    • ActiveSync
  • Support for WebDAV
  • Support for Skype for Business
  • Integration of Office365 in SSO architecture