Maximum security for sensitive data

For the last 17 years, our company has been a respected partner for banks and insurance companies throughout Europe. You too will benefit from this in-depth expertise when you opt for Airlock WAF. This product offers you a unique combination of filtering methods that will meet the most demanding security requirements. And Airlock WAF gives you the added benefit of well thought-out processes that will substantially reduce your administrative outlay.

Short release cycles for web applications pose a major challenge for WAF engineers because they often cause changes to configurations, new rules and application tests. Dynamic whitelisting methods such as URL encryption, intelligent form protection and a central cookie store reduce manual configurations to the bare minimum – and they also slash maintenance costs.

Airlock offers far more than straightforward filtering. When combined with Airlock IAM, Airlock WAF becomes your secure hub for complex web access management and sophisticated single sign-on implementations.


  • Protection against the OWASP Top Ten threats
  • Strong authentication
  • High availability
  • Support for HSM Devices