The IAM solution with wide-ranging enterprise functions.

A short name that stands for maximum security: Airlock IAM. Any business that wants to provide high-security internet access to data and applications for its customers, suppliers or employees will opt for the Airlock IAM central authentication platform with enterprise functions.

Highly secure, cost-effective internet access for business-critical applications is an increasingly important requirement for every company. To meet this challenge, Ergon has developed the central upstream Airlock IAM authentication platform. By logging in just once, customers, suppliers, partners and employees can gain secure access to data and applications. Airlock IAM supports a variety of authentication methods, and it automates user administration. Combined with a web application firewall such as the Airlock WAF, this product ensures secure corporate access throughout the entire life cycle of a user access.

Airlock IAM is usually deployed in combination with Airlock WAF, which functions as an upstream HTTP reverse proxy to ensure secure session management and ward off web attacks (filtering). As well as authenticating and authorizing users, Airlock IAM forwards identity information to the protected applications in suitable form – even across corporate boundaries.


Airlock IAM - The main features

Consumer IAM (cIAM)

Scales easily with lots of users, flexibility, better price-performance ratio than traditional IAM solutions, easy onboarding with user self-services, bring your own identity (BYOI)

Wide range of integrated authentication methods

Password, mobile TAN (mTAN), mobile OTP, matrix card, email OTP, RSA SecurID, Kobil SecOVID, VASCO Digipass, client certificates (X.509, SuisseID, etc.), CrontoSign, Kobil AST, Swisscom Mobile ID (Mobile Signature Services), OATH tokens (e.g. Google Authenticator)

Single sign-on (SSO) standards

SAML 2.0 IDP and SP, OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, Kerberos, NTLM, HTTP cookies, HTTP headers, URL tickets, Basic Auth, on-behalf login

User directories are easy to link up

LDAP and MS Active Directory, databases

Integrated user management

User, token and role administration, reporting, password policy enforcement (PPE)

User self-services

Self-registration of accounts and tokens, migration of tokens, automatic password reset, kiosk and portal function for own user data


Web application for login, RADIUS, SOAP, REST

Application management

Multitenancy, failover and clustering, audit log, logviewer, statistics, graphic configuration interface, hot deployment without restart

Supported platform

Linux, VMWare and Docker

Announcement Airlock IAM 7.0

Announcement Airlock IAM 7.0

Airlock IAM 7 is a major release with major new features focusing on GDPR, Docker, social registration, device tokens and ease of use. Airlock IAM assists in GDPR compliance by managing user consents regarding profile data and application access. Delivered as a Docker image or a self-contained application (SCA), it smoothly integrates into DevOps pipelines and bundles required components

Airlock IAM 6.4

The security of user accounts must be ensured – even if password databases are compromised. Mission impossible? Not with Airlock IAM 6.4.

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