Become our Partner

Why not become a partner?

We can offer you an attractive partner model. Alongside our academy, where your employees can be trained on our products and gain certification, we also offer you an English-speaking support service and development team. Our three-tier partner model gives you the flexibility to decide for yourself what level of involvement you want to have with our products, while our licence model enables you to increase your sales year-on-year. With many years of experience, we can provide you with technical and sales support for your ongoing projects. We will happily support you in all your marketing matters with our familiarity of the market

Outsourcers, managed security providers, cloud or application service providers:

We have the flexibility required and a suitable price structure to allow you to provide services for your customers and operate the Airlock Suite products as a shared or dedicated platform. The Airlock Suite products are also fully scalable with a choice of hardware or virtualisation, and meet the highest requirements in terms of performance and reliability.

Security integrators:

Your area of expertise lies in providing best-of-breed solutions for your customers. You know your customers and have outstanding knowledge of the products you supply them. We can offer you multi-lingual high-end support, which can be provided at your or your customer's premises. There are also various useful tutorials, proactive vulnerability tracking, demos etc. on the knowledge platform Furthermore, we are a Swiss company and you will have direct access to our product management team, who will inform you first-hand and in good time about new functions and are receptive to any suggestions for improvements or new ideas.

Software manufacturers

Whether you are designing a shop system, e-banking framework or customer-specific software solution, don’t forget to include the Airlock suite products in your plans. They help you to focus on the functional content of your offering without having to worry about strong user authentication or secure session handling issues. You can also react immediately to any new vulnerabilities after implementation without having to adjust the applications or portals.